Pool Plaster

The real beauty of a pool lies beneath its surface. A pool’s finish can transform it from boring to brilliant and add years to its life.

Many reliable and beautiful swimming pool finishes are available to today’s pool owners. From the standard white pool plaster to the rainbow of multi-colored pebble finishes, the choices can be exciting… and daunting when deciding which to choose.

Applying white plaster to a pool.Composed of white marble dust, white cement and water, standard white plaster is the traditional pool finish. It is an economical choice that provides that classic swimming pool “blue” color as it reflects the sky above. Under ideal conditions, regular pool plaster can provide many years of service. But its durability depends on the care it gets. Standard white plaster is a relatively “soft” finish compared to quartz or pebble, and it is more susceptible to the effects of water chemistry. Improper maintenance or fluctuating chemical conditions can change its appearance and texture, resulting in shading, staining, etching, cracking or delaminating.


Pool with a color quartz finishCOLOR QUARTZ
A more recent kind of pool plaster is the quartz aggregate finish which adds color and durability to your pool’s interior. Formulated from a specialized form of ceramic-coated sand blended with white Portland cement, this long-lasting finish is available in a wide array of colors ranging from vivid blues and reds to more subtle shades such as beige, soft teals or greens. Color quartz can be applied to new or existing pool and spa surfaces.




A pebble finish in a poolThe newest and most durable of all pool surface options is the pebble finish. Made of small smooth river pebbles embedded throughout the plaster mixture, pebble surfaces are natural and beautiful in appearance with a wide range of colors to choose from. They are the most durable of surfaces because the stone material is chemically inert and thus does not react with pool water and is impervious to alterations in appearance. The pebble finish also provides a slightly more textured surface which adds to its natural beauty.

NOTE: PebbleTec, StoneScapes, WetEdge, RiverRok, etc. are all brand names for a pebble finish. However, the components of any pebble finish -- pebbles, plaster etc. -- are the same, and we can match any color from a brand you like.

Both COLOR QUARTZ and PEBBLE plaster finishes have many advantages over standard white pool plaster, including:

  • improved bonding to the surface base
  • increased hardness
  • a non-skid surface
  • etch and stain resistant
  • durability